How I got here

Whenever I looked for a counsellor in the past, I always feel an uncomfortable need to know that they were not just talking the talk, but that they had the life experience to go with it.  I also found this hard to phrase.

So I thought I would try and make it easy for you to find the things you may connect with.

I am conscious of the language we use and believe words are powerful.  I am aware of the violence and weaponry of food.  I have experienced how body shaming narrative can offend personally held feminist sensibilities.  I have journeyed to find a place I feel safe in and out of my skin.  My journey has taken me from abuse to a place where everyday I try and allow my body to be a safe place to come home to. 


I began my first company when I was 15 and was a company director by 18 and have been working in physical arts ever since.  My photography has documented civil unrest and the power of human passion against injustice; this led to being invited to do a TEDx talk on personal responsibility in achieving world peace.


I am a trustee of a charity which empowers young people who have been rescued from human trafficking and other vulnerable situations. 

My voluntary work includes mentoring, supporting community projects and activism safeguarding domestic violence support services.


I have been training as a Counsellor since 2017, helping people learn to listen to themselves and achieve their personal and professional goals. I believe most of the world's suffering could be eased by people feeling more heard, often times by themselves.  The essence of my work is to facilitate self-growth by helping you identify your core challenges, so that you can use them to grow with confidence.


I specialise in creating personalised plans and providing tools to guide you forward and achieve your desired goals.

I practice Nicherin Daishnin's Buddhism and believe that all of us contain infinite wisdom, courage and compassion.

I want you to be able to stand in your full power and beauty and all of your feminine glory.  I want none of us left behind.

I want you to reclaim your body and to rewrite your own narrative with empowered responses.

I wish to witness you create a future, full of wisdom, courage, compassion and safety.

London, UK