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This page is a huge thank  you to all the people who have supported the workshops and our work so far.  We really could not do it without you. 


Feedback so far

We have an exemplary track record of success. In 2022 we hosted 793 sessions for 298 participants; 67% of participants self-identified as Disabled and or neurodiverse, only 20% of participants identified as heterosexual, the rest identified in many different phrasings and identities of the LGBTQI+ rainbow.  66% of participants and 77% of tutors were women of colour.


Feedback from our sessions in 2022 were:


  • 22% people said the sessions improved their confidence with 71% the sessions extremely improved confidence

  • 84% said the sessions improved their self esteem

  • 97% people said they had learnt new things

  • 78% of people said it made them feel like part of a community

  • 96% of participants said the sessions extremely good for their wellbeing

  • 100% of people said the workshops made them feel like their wellbeing was important

  • And perhaps most importantly, 100% said the sessions gave them hope.

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