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Reclaiming your body

True You Today was born of the desire to support women and non-binary Survivors of domestic abuse through art, movement and creativity. Our mission to support Survivors to reclaim their bodies has led us to support other groups facing gendered abuse ranging from asylum seekers, sexual abuse Survivors, people who have faced human trafficking and people facing homelessness.

Our programme is also available to frontline workers of gendered violence support services.  Our remit ensures our project supports and connects everyone in the care chain.

We are aware that with the cost of living crisis, self-care often gets neglected or has to be cancelled, and we aim to bridge this gap for those that need it most.  We want to bridge the gap in provision and ensure people have the opportunity to participate in workshops for their physical health and emotional and mental wellbeing which would support them.


We aim to build stronger, healthier communities by forging connections to empowered choices through bonds of friendship, opportunity, activities, confidence and most importantly, hope.

The workshops we currently offer are:

  • Aerial silks for beginners 

  • Aerial hoop for beginners

  • Afro Latin Dance Aerobics

  • Core Stability

  • Indian Head Massage

  • Chair Yoga

  • Confidence Coaching

  • Photoshoot for self esteem

  • Mindful Photography Class

  • Static trapeze for beginners

  • Total Body Conditioning

Workshops or sessions are free to participants, and we just ask you to fill out a feedback form. 


"These workshops have changed my life. I didn't understand beforehand how or why a circus workshop could help me, particularly mentally and emotionally. However, it's been completely transformational for me - changing my relationship with my body, giving me a new sense of inner power, and allowing me to move through the world with more confidence and stability. Doing the aerial workshops taught me to tap into my own strength whilst also learning to surrender - and this combination of surrender and strength is completely essential for moving through trauma: learning to trust yourself and others, and stand in your own power." – A

"I want to say a huge thanks to you and this amazing project which has been so transformational to me and many others.  At a time when I felt like I had lost my connection to my community around me, this project gave me back my sense of connection and motivation." - T


“Thank for doing what so many others do not do: bring this work to those that need it the most. The access to this work for people like me is major.” – L

"It's an absolute lifeline" – L

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